About Us

We're Lockshop Wigs, a small wig store located in The Netherlands, run by a tiny team. Each design is uniquely produced for Lockshop Wigs and we try and do our best to keep on adding new and fun wigs to our collection.

To keep shipping costs low, we ship out once a week from Germany, this requires quite a drive to the nearest post office (almost an hour!) and we hope to be able to make the drive more frequently. We're always looking for ways to improve the shipping process and make it as fast and as cheap as possible.

Our wigs are made with high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber, so you can play around and style your wigs yourself if you would like to change them! Don't like curls anymore? It's easy to take a hair straightener to our wigs and transform it to a completely new straight wig!

We're planning on making some styling tutorials soon, so keep an eye out on our blog.

Thanks for stopping by!